Jan B.

Jan B was born in Zurich/Switzerland on November 11, 1975 as a son of a vocalist and as a grandson of a componist. At the age of seven, he learned how to play the drums and – shortly thereafter – founded his own band together with some friends. He evolved an excellent understanding about music and rhythm. The band turned towards trash- and death-metal due to their fascination of its hard sound. At this point of time, Jan B already kept an eye on the fast growing techno scene and felt attracted to this brand new trend. In 1992, when the band finally split, Jan B began acting as a DJ and played tracks from Hardcore and Progressive up to Acid. But he still did not find what he was really looking for. Eventually, in 1999, Jan B discovered Detroit Techno and found what he searched. With big enthusiasm and lots of energy he found his personal style, which turned him to a groovier, harder and faster aspect of Detroit. In 2002 Jan B became more and more know in the scene and got in contact to other DJs and event organizers. He performed at Raveolympia (White Wulf Productions) and founded the underground club U4. One year later he helped to found a label called Stahlplatten and organised his first mass events Audio Shock I and II. In 2008 Jan B switched onAir and started his own radio show “nachtaktiv.fm” on radio LoRa in Zürich. Always with live-guests, he givs possibility to people to get “the real underground sound!” These days, Jan B is a popular artist in the techno scene. While he is starting up an enterprise called Monomental, with its subsidiary companie Sputnik-Events, Jan B still performs. The crowd gets very enthusiastic and is always thrilled, when he presents his tracks. The most important clubs: U4, Mägenwil (CH) ¦ Rohstofflager , Zürich (CH) ¦ Schlaflos, Aarau ¦ OXA, Zürich (CH) ¦ Strobe-Club, München (GER) ¦ Tunnel, Linz (AUT) ¦ Universal D.O.G, Lahr (GER) ¦ UG, Bülach (CH) ¦ Dynamo, Zürich (CH) ¦ Minus 1, Künten (CH) ¦ Technobar25, Rheinach (CH) ¦ KUGL, St.Gallen (CH) ¦ Hunter Club, Volketswil (CH) ¦ Ozon, Kloten (CH) ¦ Stadtkeller, St.Gallen (CH) ¦ Stattbahnhof, Schweinfurth (GER) ¦ ElektroKeller, St.Gallen (CH) ¦ Etzel Lounge, Zürich (CH) ¦ Radio Kanal K, Aarau (CH) ¦ Radio LoRa, Zürich (CH) ¦ Stadthalle Dietikon (CH) ¦ Shopping Center, Wallisellen (CH) ¦ Vault21, Schweinfurt (GER) ¦ Grinsekatze-Club, Munich (GER) ¦ Queen Kong Club, Neuchâtel (CH) ¦ Gare de Lion, Wil (CH) ¦ Reaktor Club, Winterthur (CH) The most important events: Stahlplatten Label Tours (CH, GER, AUT) ¦ Audio Shock I-III (CH) ¦ HardTRAX (CH) ¦ Fight for Techno (CH) ¦ Streetparade Zürich (CH) ¦ Moscow Discow (CH) ¦ SputnikEvents (CH, GER) ¦ Raveolympia (CH) ¦ InfernoTekk (CH) ¦ Hardgroove Session (CH) ¦ Deep Impact (CH) ¦ Astro groove (CH) ¦ Swiss Connection (AUT) ¦ Destination (GER) ¦ Beatclub – Techno für Erwachsene (GER) ¦ nachtaktiv.FM (CH) ¦ synapse.fm (CH) ¦ NextLevel (CH) ¦ Santa-Festival (CH)